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The emphasis of Pilates Instructor program is a quality educational experience that prepares graduates to succeed in this respective specialty, whether new to the industry or expanding their skills. This program provides a foundational understanding of Classical Pilates instruction on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel for introductory level through action-oriented coaching, self-evaluation tools and concrete feedback. This course prepares students to teach private sessions and small group classes. The Pilates Instructor program emphasis is the result of a partnership between Life Time Academy and Peak Pilates.

The Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification is a classical Pilates education program distinguished by an emphasis on Pilates as an integrated movement system as Joseph Pilates intended. Our philosophy is simple: We teach how to teach—not just what to teach. We focus on the classic Pilates method with a systematic training approach that produces excellent instructors. Classical Pilates is rhythmic, fluid and focused—connecting one movement to the next to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance. We refine it with sequencing that builds a Pilates body with maximum efficiency. At Peak Pilates, we've developed our unique coaching to increase the confidence and capabilities of each trainee.

A Peak Pilates Level I Certification is awarded to instructors who pass all Level I assessments and complete 120 logged hours, in addition to the 80 hours noted below, for a total of 200 hours. 

Level I (4 Modules)- 80 practical hours 

  • Module 1: The Foundation (20 hours)
  • Introduces students to the Pilates principles, fundamentals and the “Powerhouse”, and the Peak Pilates 5-Part Formula. Lessons focus on introductory mat work and building blocks.
  • Module 2: Introduction to the Apparatus (20 hours)
    Students progress to lessons on the reformer, high chair, small barrel and high ladder barrel, and learn about transitions, cuing and touch techniques.
  • Module 3: Beginner/Intermediate Level Apparatus (20 hours)
    Module 3 adds Pilates low chair exercises, intermediate level reformer and ladder barrel exercises. More advanced teaching concepts include identifying common errors and proper body alignment, and structuring a Pilates session.
  • Module 4: Teaching, Technique and Assessments (20 hours)
    Students complete the remaining high ladder barrel exercises, practice teach, and review all exercises. Assessments are completed on the final day.
Curriculum includes:
  • Leadership, Business & Sales
  • Pilates Level 1

Career Support

    The Professional Fitness Specialist- Pilates Instructor Certification Program equips student with the knowledge to function as a professional member of the fitness instructions industry, and work at fitness studios, health clubs and private businesses. Life Time Academy includes career support including an optional interview with Life Time Fitness. (Approximately 70% of graduates are hired by Life Time Fitness).

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    • March 12th- Pilates, Level 1 & 3
    • Refer to 'School Calendar' for specific dates

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